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After much research I came upon the information that Centric makes two lines of OEM replacement rotors, one with "super duper anti rust coating" and one without. The metal, apparently, is the same, as is the machining process. The difference for the $25 version is that its sans the electrostatic plating of black on the vanes and hub. These rotors cost nearly twice as much some places, and ceramic paint is seven dollars. Here's how to make your own "ultra Premium" brake rotors for those that might want to save $40 or so:

Start with your choice of brake rotor, Centric, Bendix, AC Delco, Toyota OEM, Brembo flats, etc etc etc. They should come with a light coating of surface rust if they haven't been stored properly. This will come off with use, and a bit of steel wool will take care of it on the hubs. I used 00 grade, so it didn't take off much rotor material if any.


Mask off with diagonal strips of painters tape. Use the thick stuff (2" wide) if you have it, I had the thin on hand. (1" wide)


Once you have a layer over every bit of contact surface, using a razor blade, press the blade flush against the outer edge, where the vanes are on the brakes. Run it around the outside. If you were careful when applying the mask, you won't have to trim the interior edge of tape.


Start with light coats of Ceramic brake rotor paint, this should withstand any daily driver use of braking without becoming brittle. I used duplicolor, but the VHT paint is rated to a higher temp.


I went to three coats. I feel like this is adequate, and coverage will be good and even with light coats. After the third coat (immediately), pull the mask off, so you won't tear paint off that's dried covering both surfaces. this will leave clean lines, and help the edge of your painted surface not peel.

After waiting the recommended time (I leave them overnight usually, or 24 hours if I can), they are ready to be installed in the car, and you will have those pretty black hubs that come with the expensive rotors.

This process SHOULD leave enough caliper paint to actually do your calipers too, just remember to mask or remove them completely. I will be doing them when my brakes are off, since I'm doing a complete overhaul of seals, hardware, and cleaning the calipers out, replacing pads and rotors, using my pretty new ultra premium set of rotors. More pics in next post (5 max apparently)
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