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I know a couple of people have done this before.Its not difficult with the right tools.I am doing this Diy with the hope that no one has to struggle or be scared of doing this.LIke all other diys please be aware that i am not resposnsible for ANY damages or injuries resulting from using this diy.
Tools needed
-IMpact wrench(electric or pneumatic)
my choice


-Old lug nuts u are willing to sacrifice.
-3 or more wrenches.
-Any half inch drive socket 19mm or bigger.Not deep socket
-WD40 if wanted
-Sockets and ratchet to remove the brake caliper.(i am not sure what size)
-a Bucket or anything to lay the caliper on
First before i move on I would like to stress that i am not resposible for any injuries or damage resulting from using this diy.I assume that by attempting to use this diy that you have the skills to properly jack up the car and remove the tires
1.Jack up car and remove tires and u should be looking at the old lug nut now.

2. Now attempt to remove the 2 bolts that hold the brake caliper over the brake rotor.Please dont confuse these with the bolts that u can use to change the brake pads without completely taking off the whole caliper.pic of one of the bolts behind

3.After u remove both bolts remove the brake caliper and this is what you should see

4.I would suggest laying the brake caliper on a bucket to prevent stressing the brakelines.

5.Now remove the brake rotor and you should be staring at the hub assembly with the old studs

6.Now find a lug nut you are willing to destroy(cheap oem) and put it onto the stud

7.Give it a few hits with a hammer and it should be pop the stud out of the hub.Move on to the next stud and do the same thing

8.Now inpect the new studs and get ready to put them into the empty hub

9.Insert the new studs into the hub.This can esily be done by rotating each hole towards the brake caliper location where a small indentation in the brake back plate esixts to make inserting studs easy

10.Now the next step is to make sure the studs sit properly into the hub.This where the impact comes into play.I used 2 methods here.pick ure poison:D
Method one involves using a socket in between the hub and a lug nut to jam the bolt into place

or method 2.Use a bunch of wrenches stacket together in between the bub and the lug nut and jam down with the impact

11.Do this for all 4 studs and you should be staring at a hub with newly done studs

Make sure when u install the studs that they sit flush onto the back of the hub just as the oems did or u run the risk of having loose wheel as you drive.
12.At this piont you are good to go.Reinstall the brake rotor,the caliper and ure new spacers if you have any

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Instead of sockets or wrenches under the lugnut to pull the stud through you can buy some washers to pull against... I usually buy a few nuts and about 10 washers or so to change out as they get chewed up etc... also if you do the long extended studs you have to remove the rear hubs to get the studs through...

Chris K.
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