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Before I get into anything I want to give a special shoutout to Nick Wallace and Don/Jdmisme for all their help in this. They helped provide great info during the process, along with many other members over on the FB group.

So last year I bought a set of illuminated bB door panel inserts. Unfortunately it wasn't until I got them that I'd realized nobody knows the install, and there's no DIY. So let's get started.

Step 1:
Remove door panels and move them somewhere safe to be worked on, you're going to be doing a lot of maneuvering them around.

Step 2:
Completely disassemble the LED inserts until you have the back mounting plate by itself. Set the rest of the assembly safely aside.

Step 3:
Laying the back plate over the door panel, mark your holes to drill. This is a template pic Don took for me after removing a set. You'll need 6 mounting holes and one for the wiring to pass through.

My results. Driver:


Step 4:
Mount the panels. I've included the screw size that I used.

Step 5:
Alright here's the fun part. You'll notice the sideview mirror harness that your inserts may have come with plug in fine but don't power your panels. From my understanding this is because the bB provides 2 12v sources through their mirrors whereas we only have 1. So we need to find 2 12v sources in the window switches.

After a few days of back and fouth on FB this was our conclusion:
("P" = Purple and "W" = White)

TIP: USE QUICK-CONNECT/BULLET CONNECTORS IF POSSIBLE. I couldn't find any so I just set up camp and connected them the hard way. Definitely not recommended.

Step 6:
Turn on the car and check for life. Test the buttons, make sure everything works.

Put it all back together!

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