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Hello, I've seen a lot of use of the 3rd gen Mitsubishi Eclipse vents used in the 1st gen xB but I couldn't find a specific write up or video with it done up more proper. I.E.: the lazy way of just laying them in position....
So I wanted to figure out a way to give them a "factory" fit and I finally got it
you have to buy this specific vent

Then you take your cents out and twist them like 1/8 turn and get he center ring out

Then you take the end wth the round peg and shave down the flat spot until it looks like this

Take this rear flap out for now so you don't ruin it. Be very careful as the inside piece breaks easily on these ones.

Then you shave the rib on the eclipse vent in the middle so you can slide the Toyota trim vent ring over it more easily like this

Then slide the Toyota vent ring onto the eclipse one like this. It is scary and you think you'll break it but just be careful and you'll be fine. Plenty of grease for good measure.

This is he view from the inside of the dash with the new vents in.

This is the view from the outside.

This is the view installed. They're not just "laying" in there and they can't be pulled out or pushed in and they twist and fold in perfectly...

Here's a few more pictures... like always, try at your own risk. Custom modifications always have their own set of pros and cons and risk of modifying something past the point of never having the option to return to stock... pm me here or find me on facebook. Mark Becraft Jr.

Im waiting on my torched penny (maziora) bB center console waterfall this weekend and I'll swap and try to do the outside two vents without taking the dash off. The new center will match my outside!!. I'll keep you posted

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