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big thanks to Dave for hosting this party. it was a good (and sad) goodbye party, but it was fun. great food and cool people to hang out with. here are the pics!

got to Dave's place around 2pm. cars were already there.

street full of xB's.

action shot of JPat.

nice color match rims.

i just love to take pics of my xB.

i got caught by Steph.

only xA.

i got caught again!


Dave's xB. SoCal'ers wont be seeing this around here anymore...

the only 2 tC's there.

to view the 1st unorganized shoot, click on the link below: party and photoshoot/1st.jpg

here is the organized one.

click on the link below to see the full shot of the shoot: party and photoshoot/2nd.jpg

if only i have good climbing skills like hers, i could've taken a better shot at the cars.

Dave posing.

Balliztik crew.

last, but not least, this xB came.


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choice pics Johnny...
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