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Okay, so after one install party, a few weeks of bondo and sanding in my spare time, and an entire weekend with only 3 hours of sleep (between 9 am Friday and the car show on Sunday) I'm finally done with all my projects. I took on an insane workload to complete in basically one weekend...but I'm really happy with the results. I know this isn't really anyone else's style...but I love it!
Nothing was done was all done in my garage or driveway (and Kendal's workshop) Most of it was done in close to or sub-freezing temperatures, which sucked!

I would like to thank our former OSB (Ryan, firstkingofbeer) for helping my out so much this weekend! He was a major help and I wouldn't have gotten it done at all without him, not even if I didn't sleep those three hours. I'd also like to thank my girlfriend (Niki) for staying up and holding a shop light until dawn on Sunday morning so I could see to get it put back together in time for the car show. Thanks to Robert, Vaughn, Barry, Kendall, and Tim for showing up and helping out at the install party.

Here's what has been done.

Pillars and the panel under the center console have been bondoed and sanded.
Speedometer cover has been molded.
Along with all the little interior pieces, they have been painted with Scion's own "Absolutely Red."
Headliner rewrapped in black fur.
Hatch panel wrapped in black fur.
The oh poop handles, dome light housing, and body hardware holding the headliner have been repainted with Krylon Fusion in black to match the headliner.
2 LEDs per oh poop handle have been wired to the dome light to illuminate the headliner ("off," "on," or "doors," and yes, they dim).
The stock rear-view mirror has been replaced with a 5 panel mirror...I can see out both front side windows without turning my neck now! No blind spots.
The visors have been removed.
The speedometer face has been replaced, another Mafia Mike original.
My Public Adress system has been relocated from the cubby hole in the dash and mounted in the glove box.
Underbody LEDs have been removed.
LEDs in cupholders and air vents controlled by dash switch. The cupholder LEDs have their own switch under the hand brake, but the main switch must be on first.
Cold Cathodes under the dash and front seats, controlled by dash switch.
Amplifier cooling fans have been re-wired to "ACC" so they come on when I start the car.
Cold Cathodes to illuminate headlight housing, grills, and engine bay. Controlled by toggle switch under hood. Hardwired to battery so I don't have to leave my keys in the car to leave them on.
Ground wire kit from
Replaced wire loom.
Red fur engine cover (don't drive with it on, obviously).
3 piece mesh Speed grills from Street Scene.
Projector headlights with eyebrow.
JDM Yellow bulbs from Luminics.
Changed out TRD springs for Gold-Lines.
Chrome chain steering wheel, 10 inch, I think.
black fur steering column wrap.
Horn relocated to spring loaded push-button on driver's door.
Black fur seat covers.
Diamond plate floor mats from Evolution Auto-Design.
Diamond plate pedals from EA as well.
Chrome skull cigarette lighter.
Speakerbox rewrapped in red fur with black tips
Door panels reapholstered with red fur with black tips.
Window/lock controls painted with Krylon Fusion in black.
Rear spacer shims from One Ton Garage
ScionLife license plate frame.

I'm pretty sure that's it...but there might be more, i'll update if I think of any.
I've still got plans for tint (when ever the shop Shannon works at wants to fit me in) and vinyl.
Leave your comments, good or bad...I really like it...and you have to know me to undestand, but atleast a few of the mods (steering wheel, cigarette lighter) are just for "shits and giggles," and I'm not serious about them...but I still like them.
Sorry for all that bullshit, if you read it, you deserve a hug. :D

Now...time for the pictures!

Here's some of parts of the work:
Here's some pictures of the process...usually the camera was the last thing on my mind, so I'm sorry they aren't very thorough. Ryan was there while I was finishing up painting, so these are mostly of that.

Here's the finished engine bay:

My exterior mods:

And finally, the interior:

I'm so glad it's all done and I can sleep again!

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great! your elmo, apperantly i'm big bird and tammy plans on doing blue fur so i guess she could be cookie monster!:D

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yellow_sub said:
great! your elmo, apperantly i'm big bird and tammy plans on doing blue fur so i guess she could be cookie monster!:D
Bummer, no white Muppets...guess I'll just have to be one of the old dudes in the balcony!

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surfcitylocal said:
Bummer, no white Muppets...guess I'll just have to be one of the old dudes in the balcony!
sounds racist to me. Lets sue PBS for not having a white muppet. I'm sure those guys have loads of money :D

now quick everyone call in and make a donation so we can get our full pay

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I like the molded speedo. Looks fun, I had the whole trunk and system in my old car done in White Polar Bear fur.
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