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Hey! You might remember me as the idiot putting a 455 Oldsmobile in the back of a 2006.5! Welp, that car is still around and getting closer and closer, but I missed driving a box SO much, that I made my wife road trip 4 days with me to pick up another one!

I had been watching Kijiji (like Canadian Craigslist without the escorts) for a while for a Box when I found this 2006 for $2000 CAD. Every other xB I'd been looking at was $3500 or more, so I messaged the dude immediately, packed up her 2007 Yaris (with 490000 km on it), did a quick oil change, and hit the road. We left Winnipeg on Thursday around 4 PM. She drove until about 9 PM and I took over until about 6 AM. I could have kept going, but we made it to a small town, we were almost running out of gas and none of the gas stations were open until 8. 2 hours later, we were gassed up and back on the road! Couple more driver switches and we made it to Ottawa 22 hours after we left. We stayed the night with one of her friend's, and first thing Saturday morning, I met up with the seller. He showed me a few small things about the car, but it was all stuff I was familiar with from my other box. I paid him, filled out the paperwork, emailed my local insurance place to get my temporary permit, and hit the road! We left around noon and drove as much as we could, but around 11 PM we both ran outta steam and grabbed a hotel room. SO worth it. My wife had never driven on the highway at night before, so I was SUPER proud of her. That stretch of Highway 1 is DARK at night, and the headlights on her Yaris SUCK, so she tucked in about 30 feet behind me and just focused on my tail lights. We left the hotel at 7 AM, and took our time on the last stretch. Stopped for food a few times, and got home right around 8 PM Sunday night. I owe her big time. Total gas spent was about $450 CAD, about $150 each way per car.

Incoming picture dump!
Here she is sitting at the previous owner's, right before the voyage home.

I pulled the plastic rocker cover off to see how bad the Ontario roads were to her. NOT as bad as I would have thought!

There's also some spots tucked up under the trunk area

While I'm still dealing with the rust, I pulled the hubcaps and put some spikes on, and did a quick photo shoot!

They're not permanent though. As SOON as I got the car home, I began searching for the wheels I knew this car needed. $400 later, and I had a set coming from Montreal. They showed up 3 days later, and I bribed the kiddo into helping me clean the brake dust off, and I ran the centers through the dishwasher.
Don't tell my wife. After a quick quality inspection from my car, I went to test fitting. I'm 99% sure I want to run them WITH the center caps, but 1% of me likes the way they look with the spike lugs. I picked up some new rubber (155's because I'm a gangster) and put them together at work.

I'd been browsing Amazon and eBay religiously trying to decide on a set of aftermarket headlights/taillights, as well as some other goodies. Oddly enough, as I was about to order a few things, a buddy sent me a Facebook ad with someone parting out an xB. I got a hold of the guy and grabbed what I could use!

Anyways, that brings us all caught up to yesterday. I ordered 1.7" drop springs and 2" wheel spacers all around. I'm (hopefully) going to be spraying the car in a semi-gloss black after the rust repair, and the fenders will be getting wrapped. The vinyl colour is already ordered, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises. Interior mods will be a decent head unit, swapping out the better speakers from my other box, new headliner, paint the pillar covers, and a few tasteful LED lights. I'm trying to track down a reasonably priced roof rack, the basket style with the wedge up front. Maybe put some good lights up there for highway driving, since I've found that xB lights kinda suck for road trips.

See ya on the next update!
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