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Our 2004 first gen XB manual transmission with 250k was totaled while parked. We bought a nice 2006 auto model with 175k to replace it. I like the 2006 model a lot, but the brakes have seemed funky from the beginning. It's got rear drum brakes, do they all? I thought my 2004 had discs all around. When we test drove the car, the brakes seemed soft compared to our 2004. The previous owner had all his maintenance done at the local Midas, so we've taken it back there twice, once before we bought it and once after. To Midas' credit, each time they have put the car on the lift and removed all 4 wheels and never charged us. They adjusted the rear drums which firmed up how the brakes feel, but now we notice a squeaky noise when we start after the car after it's been sitting, or if we apply the brakes strongly. Midas says the brakes are fine. Should I take it somewhere else and spend some money, or just keep driving to see if it changes? I feel like we know how the brakes should feel because we never had any brake issues or concerns with the 2004. I should probably add that the 2006 collided with a deer and was repaired. No signs of uneven tire wear, it has the same set of tires from 2019 and the deer collision happened in 2020. It drives straight and doesn't pull to one side or the other. It brakes straight as well without any pull.

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Has the brakes been Bled? or fluid changed after 16 years? If you hear squealing noise maybe the rear brake shoes are put on backwards, have someone else look at it.
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