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All Scion xB Generation One vehicles produced for the United States Domestic Market (USDM) were sold with rear drum brakes. Toyota, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), did not offer rear disk brakes even as an option.

A few owners modified their xB's with rear disk brakes using various brands and models of stock parts and custom components for mounting the calipers and for attaching the parking brake cable. Some aftermarket vendors offer conversion kits for rear disk brakes.

Early model Toyota iSt vehicles sold in Japan had rear disk brakes. These are an easy transfer to the xB. Although the iSt was sold in the USDM as the Scion xA the model did not come from the OEM with rear disks.

You may wish to consider having a Toyota dealer inspect your xB's brakes for correct parts and proper function.

Good luck with your new xB. The Salsa Red Metallic (3Q3) is a great color.
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