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Backup Camera

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Hey guys,

I've been considering for quite some time removing the rear wiper and placing a camera in the hole. I want to do this mainly for style points not really for function. My after market radio supports a back up camera.

Does anyone know what cameras I can choose that will perfectly fill the hole in the sheet metal where the wiper motor shaft comes through? Does anyone know the exact diameter of the hole?

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This is the one I'm thinking would be great if it would fit.

It is 0.886" around with a 0.984" escutcheon. Now I really need to know the size of the hole. I would rather not drill it out but I would.

Anybody know the exact size of the hole in the back door of a gen 1 xB?
cant be smaller then that, it has to be bigger i will go outside right now and check with a caliper but im not gonna take the wiper off yet, ok so i wient outside and mesured and from the end to end of the rubber plug in there that goes around the wiper blade and it is 1.386" with that im almost sure you woulndt need to drill anything out its just a matter of finding the grommet that will fit... hope this helps a little, and remember take pictures, mesure twice and cut once :p
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I'm confused. All the posts I look at for people putting in plugs are using 1-in plugs
Tomorrow at work I'm going to put a caliper on the hole behind the rubber and confirm the measurement. I should be able to measure


I'm hoping to not have to cut. Though it would make the job easier if it came to that.

If the hole is too big for the standard cameras then I'm going to have to get specific size washers in order to sandwich the hole and reduce the diameter.

Anybody got any alternative ideas other than painted washers of specific ID and OD?

What do you guys think, would a magnet over the hole be enough to keep water out while I work on this project?
I didn't have much time to measure the hole yesterday but I did give it a quick whirl. It is in the 0.8" range. I couldn't get an exact measurement so I'm going to take the wiper arm off and pull the grommet out. Doing that tomorrow.

The camera linked above might just go right in and finish perfectly....
Anybody got any alternative ideas other than painted washers of specific ID and OD?
3D printed washer, maybe?

Magnet might work, but a better option would be a sticker about 1" in diameter bigger. Like, find a bumper sticker and cut a bigger circle out of it and use that. There have got to be restaurants and stores near you that have free bumper stickers.
I didn't get time to pull the wiper on the Scion. Worked on my F-150 and help my buddy do a head gasket on a Honda insight half way there.

The sticker idea is a good one. Let's see what I can hunt down. Should get back to it this week at some point and I'll report the actual diameter of the hole.
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I ended up pulling the wiper motor and putting it back in. The hole is exactly 1.05"

So the camera attached above is too small in diameter it would require some kind of gap filler.

Before I go that route I'm going to try very hard to find a 1-in camera. I'll report back anything I find.

I would like to point out that after taking the cover off the back door of the Scion, I was impressed with how clean everything was in there. I'm the first person ever take that cover off I can tell you that.
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So I did some research,

If I use a small filler welded into place, like a washer, I can use the following camera:

Pros: Flush mount finish which is what I was after
Cons: I have to find or make very exact washers, weld them in, and paint

These next two require no modification:


Pros: Easy to install,
Cons: Camera is 1.06" which covers the hole by 0.01" Might be too close, not the look I was thinking


Pros: the camera is 1.22" by 1.26" so the camera will cover the hole well by itself.
Cons: not the look I was thinking

Anybody have any input?
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Just came to realize that the box cameras a) and b) must be mounted in the horizontal plane, not the vertical plane.

Getting intersting....
Cons: I have to find or make very exact washers, weld them in, and paint
If you're happy with black as the color, I could make you a 3D printed washer(s) for this. Just need the exact measurements.

Thin enough to mail in a normal mailing envelope, easy peesy.

Anybody have any input?
Use the equipment you prefer, and if you need a specialty 3D printed thing for it, I'm happy to help out. I may end up going this same route some day...
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Thats community. Love this place.

I have a question for you about the 3D printing, is it a standard 3D printer?

I have the bB front grill on my xB and a buddy of my printed a new logo that punched right into the front grill. It was sweet but the wind and water and sun just ate it up very quickly. I actually had to take it off the car and now it sits in my office as a trinket.

How long of a life do you think we could get out of the part given that it's sitting in the sun and rain?

Lets brain for a moment. If you make me the washer, I'm thinking I would need two of them. One for the outside and one for the inside for the camera to lock against with the pressure tabs. I would have to glue the 3D printed washer too the car. I don't see them staying in place otherwise. Is this how you see it going?

If some how we built a collar that would straddle the hole I think that would solve the issue permanently. I don't know if a part can be made to this in 3D printing. So just talking off the top of my head, lets say hypothetically you had two parts:
1) profile looks like a "T". On a big scale think roll of toilet paper with a thin flange at one end. on the other end of the tube there are male threads.

2_ the other parts is a washer that threads on to the threaded end of part 1. So this part looks like a washer with threads on the inside.

The end result would look like a sewing machine bobbin. Now the "filler" if you will is one piece on both sides of the sheet metal.

Some rough dimensions I'm thinking: The flange is like 1.10", the TP roll diameter will be 1.035 to 1.04". The length of the TP roll would be the thickness of the sheet metal plus the thickness of the retention washer.

What are your thoughts on that?
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I would definitely want a mechanical solution rather than an adhesive. I'd assumed you'd want a washer that had an inner flange to address the diameter difference. Easily done.

The 3D printer I have access to at my work is a normal (FDM? Something like that) hobbiest type, it is basically an X/Y plotter with a hot glue head on it that prints layer by layer from the bottom up. I hope to someday delve into other styles like resin or powder printers, but that's not happening anytime soon.

It prints in ABS plastic, the same stuff Legos are made of. It will withstand the sun a bit, but longterm exposure certainly takes it's toll. The beauty of 3D printing is that once it wears out, you just print another and substitute.

There are also companies like that can 3D print things in all sorts of materials, even metal. I haven't priced their services in a while, but it always seemed very affordable. You just provide them with a digital file, a credit card, and they make and ship it to you. Kinda cool.
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Here's a quick example of what I was thinking... 2 of these, one on each side? Would just need dims for each radius. And thicknesses of the washer for the different elevations.

Body jewelry Jewellery Circle Auto part Fashion accessory
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I like how you quickly simplified what I was thinking. So what I would do is take two of them silicon on one side, put them in the hole and then use a compression, like you do on a kitchen sink install, to keep them together while they are drying. Brilliant. Now threads aren't necessary. Much more succinct.

Ok, lets brain together. Since you are obviously talented with the 3D graphics and you have a 3D Printer. I would like it if we could land this thing or get really close on the first shot. Not to mention you could maybe get some other takers if we get this right. Here are the only three issues that I see with this:

1. I think we may need different parts for the inside vs the outside. On the inside of the back door there will be feet projecting off the sides of the camera that have to catch in order to seal it up. It's based on spring tension and the inside "washer" being larger would help make it easy.

2. Angle - You have obviously put your best foot forward, I'm going to do the same. I'm going to purchase this camera, get it hooked up to 12v, get a screen that takes yellow RCA (Might be the hardest part), take the wiper motor our again and play with the angle to see what might work the best. Maybe looking straight back is good maybe we have to angle it down a bit. I just want to look back mostly but maybe it just too much? I'll be sure to take pics of the screen. Do you have the ability to introduce angle into the "washer"? I realize that the part will have to get thicker and protrude out more. I'm curious what your thoughts are on the angle?

3. Index - It would be great if the two parts were marked with a truth line so that you know how to line them up from only one side of the door. This becomes important if we introduce angle. I can just set a plumb line and line up the index on the two parts with it.

This could be really cool. I've been wanting to do this for years.


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If we decide to ixnay the angle then I could have dimensions for you as soon as the camera arrives which is Wed. This is China we are dealing with and I want to confirm the measurements they provided in the above attached image.
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Camera arrived today. Now I'm going to need to get a temporary screen that I can plug rca yellow into. I'm also going to take measurements and confirm the measurements provided. Might take me a couple of days to this pulled together. I'll take pics.
Apologies for the delayed response, but yeah, angle could be introduced to the washer if needed. A little trickier, but doable.

I have a local friend (That actually introduced me to the world of 3D printing and allowed me to convince my company that we needed it, haha) that has a much, much, much better machine than mine, and he also prints in different materials such as TPU which is kinda rubbery. I could probably talk him into printing a 1-off design for this as long as it didn't turn into a multi-revision fiasco.
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We are going to nail this thing buddy, don't you worry about that. I think we should do both to see what works best. Send them over and I'll take pics and show the fitment and figure out if others here want to do this to their boxes. I can't be the only one. I bet lots of folks chose the plug because what we are doing doesn't exist.

I'm still hopeful that pointing it straight back will work. I don't think any of us have issues parking the scion xB. LOL. So I'm much more inclined to stick it straight out. I will be starting to gather what I need to test the camera tomorrow. I'm hoping to find a small screen at work that takes rca yellow. I don't want to pull the dash apart just to get to my headunit. But I will if I have to.
So today I took measurements of the camera with a caliper. I took the measurement and then my drafting buddy confirmed. We matched. And if you were wondering the provided dimensions are not correct.

There are only two important measurements the escutcheon and the largest part of the body of the camera.

They say the escutcheon is 0.984" the camera that I have measures 0.997", a difference of 0.013".
The body they say is 0.886", the camera I have is 0.889" a difference of 0.003".

With your washers in place I will have to get creative and bend the legs on the retention system to take the extra thickness.

So here are some rough measures for a straight shot (Do do anything yet I like to work on this together and get it right). Reminder the hole in the sheet metal is 1.05".

Part A: Facing the outside
The escutcheon portion of the washer I'm thinking about OD 1.2" just to give it something to bite onto. (hole is 1.05") Thoughts? ID for the entire part of 0.92" (body of the camera is 0.889" and camera escutcheon is 0.997") Thoughts?
The recess into the hole portion of your washer OD 1.045" with and ID is same throughout the part 0.92".

Part B: Washer on the inside of the door
The escutcheon portion of the washer needs to be larger to catch the feet of the "locking mechanism" for the camera. Otherwise when you bend the legs out they will be floating in space. I'm thinking you could go rectangle on the backside escutcheon. But if you stick with round I would say 1.4-1.5" diameter on the escutcheon.
The recess into the hole portion would be the same as the above.

What I don't have a good feeling for on this part is the depth of everything. Do you have any thoughts? Do you know the thickness of the sheetmetal plus paint on the Scion xB? I don't have a way to measure that. Do you know what thickness we should go for with the escutcheon?


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Sheet metal is usually 1/16" or so, I can measure that. It'll be a loose tolerance kind of thing, really.

Imma have to go look up the word escutcheon right now, I'm unfamiliar with it... :D
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