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Hey all,

As you know, if you've checked my profile lately, that I recently purchased the Nex-O GS-5's in a 17x7 size and width. Excellent wheel by the way, had them on for almost 3 months now and absolutely no problems, if the weather gets REALLY bad here, I may put the stockers back on. (fingers crossed)

I did a Google search for their website, and it seems to not exist. At least not anymore. If anyone has ever tried calling Wheelmax, you know they don't usually give out the offset of the wheel, and they're not very helpful. Besides that, it's a great place to get wheels, just don't ask for the details.

I need to know the offset so I know what wheel spacer I should buy.

This is mainly directed to the folks who own shops and have the 'insiders' book, but anyone can chime in if they know ANYTHING about them.


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