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Another Alpine Premium Question. Pre-amp Outputs

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I am looking to bump up my speakers to 100 RMS per speaker, and have my system all picked out, but while looking around, I checked my head unit, the Alpine Premium upgrade, which I was able to hook up with video and a back up camera (props to the crew who did the experimentation for me) and from a picture on that thread, it said the RCA's were line outs, not pre-amps. I was all ready for pre-amps. So how do I hook up the amp to so it works properly and all that good stuff? From what I can tell by googling around, I don't want to hook up to line level outs...

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Where are you finding your info. If you have a powered amp and hook up line level you should have no issues, but im no expert in car audio. maybe someone else can chime in as im about to hook all my stuff up to my Alpine unit.

Hows the camera working?
I was googling around and read somewhere that line level outs aren't controlled by the volume knob and I figured that if that is true, they are probably amplified funky. But I figured I ask before I buy so I don't end up with the wrong stuff.

The camera is AWESOME!!!! Mounting it to the license plate was tricky cause you have to drill holes in the inside metal panel and I had a one speed drill from 1980 and small bits. But once you get past that it is awesome. The camera I got can't be seen unless you are close up and kinda low to the ground and the video quality on the alpine is great. The $30 I spend on that video input kit is the best $30 i've ever spent
Well I can tell you the volume thing must have been a specific situation. I had added Line levels on my stock radio in my mr2 spyder and hooked up an amp to a compt set of spekers. was a great little set up. wish I could tell you for sure I just havent hooked all my stuff to my Alpine unit yet.

What I have ready to hook up:
4chx80w RMS @4ohm amp
Kenwood Component front and 2way rear 80RMS for both
Solid Solid. I am lookin at goint 100rms per speaker with alpine stuff. And I though that if Alpine designed it the way I described would moronic and thought there was a pretty good chance I was wrong. But you put me at ease. I am going on vacation so won't be able to get mine going at the same time you do, but I'd love to see how it goes. Where are you gonna mount the amp and OH and I'd love to hear how you deal with the rivets. I haven't figured out what I"m going to do with those yet...i was thinking drill out then use a bolt and nut or lock summary, lol, let me know how it goes
I did order some speaker adapters from an ebay seller, but i bought them at his online store front. they are lost in the mail right now so just waiting on them. my xB is currently in many pieces as im also trying to finish up my sound deadening also. I ordered two set of adapters as they should fit front and rear. just waiting on them.
You mean the ring so ur speakers will fit the 6.5" hole? I was just gonna get those from crutchfield
eh all preference I just read some reviews on there and some were kinda iffy. i wanted something that was going to stand up and be worth the extra dough. not that they were expensive, just more than the crutchfield ones.
Well...i have some shopping to do then. Thank you muchly
Another quick question, do you remember which color wire was the turn on lead? By chance?
usually blue but hooking it to the same 12v power of the radioo itself will work fine.
some good info, will be attempting a backup camera.
If you have this HU a video adapter is needed for reverse camera . Unless u have the video Toyota no longer carries them
You will have to get the video kit from You have to go through your dealer to get it. It is kinda a pain, but it is worth $30 for a video input
Scion/Toyota no longer carries or makes the part I already tried to get one. The dealer got a letter saying they no longer carry any. There is a supposed hackaround but I have no idea there
You have to go to you your Toyota Parts dealer, give them the phone number from and your dealer has to physically call them and order one.
Not too be difficult but you did this recently?
You have to go to you your Toyota Parts dealer, give them the phone number from and your dealer has to physically call them and order one.
No, you don't understand. The part is no longer made. Toyota has no part number for that, I tried both. Called Optomize and they said it has been discontinued.

So, the girl at Optomize was told to contact Rich at Alpine with any more inquires about this part. She said he might call me to find a "work around" to get it to work w/out it. He might not let it go to the avg Joe, but I work for a company that offers car stereo install so I'm going to see if they will let it go for a more tech savy person. Obviouisly, it would void a warranty, but I'm not worried about it.

If you don't believe me about the part, call Optomize for yourself, I just called 2 hours ago. Very nice people I will say that.

Currently awaiting a call from Rich from Alpine.
Well that answers my question. This is kinda annoying but I guess they are moving on to another hu option
Well that answers my question. This is kinda annoying but I guess they are moving on to another hu option
Well yeah, it is a couple years old, so of course they are going to move on. Must not have been enough demand for these parts so they stopped making them. Its too bad. I am calling on Tuesday again to see if I can get a hookup at Alpine to see what they can do or tell me the hack.
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