I'm replacing my daughters motor in her 2009 Scion xB this week. The core on the old one is $350. I'd be happy to let it go to someone local for that if you want to come pick it up.

The motor was over heated and the head gasket failed. It needs a full rebuild. I had to take the motor apart to get it off - so practically disassembled.

Pictures to follow this week as I get to swapping sensors, etc...

FYI - I'll be Driving from ~ Tyler through Dallas, Ft Worth, Witicha Falls, Lubbock/Amarillo and in East NM (Clovis, Tumcumcari, Santa Rosa to Albuquerque on Sunday the 14th of May. I'd be happy to offload it along the way ;)

Call with questions.
Justin @ 505-596-0990