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2008 when placed in drive slow to engage...know Issue?

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New to scion xb cars. Is this a known issue for a low milage car? 85K Heard they were solid as a rock...kind of surprised. Transmission fluid looks good..clean, topped off etc..
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just notice wrong forum ..sorry
It's all good- Typically xB's are rock solid. Was it wrecked? Salvage title? Flood? Stuff like that? What's the history?
Vin search shows no issues. Original paint. no signs of anything off.
I'd have it checked out by a honest mechanic. Dealerships as you know would say "Get a new transmission" I'd go to AutoZone to see if it's popping up any codes for the tranny- and start from there. My .2 cents. Others should chime in.
Thanks for the reply. No lights on at dash. Only know one honest mechanic...he does not do transmissions. Could try and check to see if any codes come up anyway...
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