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Judging by the picture, that's the passenger side axle shaft.........pretty easy to replace.

Jack up the car.

Remove front tire.

Use 30mm 12 Point socket to remove the axle nut (have someone press the brake pedal to prevent the axle from spinning while you turn this nut).

Use 17mm socket to remove three bolts located at the bottom of the strut assembly which secures the ball joint plate to the lower control arm.

Swing the bottom of the strut assembly away from the control arm while you push the end of the axle shaft thru the steering knuckle.

Use 15mm socket with a short 1" socket extension to remove the three bolts which secure the axle carrier bearing bracket to the back of the engine block.

Place a drain pan under the axle where the axle mates with the transmission.

Pull the axle shaft assembly out of the transmission.

Remove the axle shaft seal from the transmission.

Install new axle shaft seal.

Replace the transmission fluid which was drained.

To remove the axle seal, you can use a hammer with screwdriver to deform the seal, pull it out. Or you can use a slide hammer to pull it out or you can use a tool designed to remove these particular types of seals. Personally, I use the slide hammer.

Parts & labor.......this is a $700 repair where I work.
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