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Back again now with completed doors... for now.
Here's the rears, went in super easy, i could have broken those 2 little tabs for other vehicles off but didn't even think about it till they got in the way on the fronts, no issues with them there though, had to mount the speaker upside down with the terminal placement hitting the door if they were right side up. I also had to dremmel out the inside tabs on the inner part of the adapter ring if you look at the amazon screenshot, to fit my speakers, you may or may not have to do that, mine were large so those got in the way.


Now the front doors were much easier to route the wire through the rubber boot for sure. Just undid the 2 molex connectors from the kick panel area and pulled the whole boot through the speaker hole like i did the with the rears and was able to easily fish it through taped to a screwdriver.


Adapters work great, the 08 and up use the same ones for front and rear luckily otherwise if you have the first gen, they only work for fronts but I'm not sure if they have rear ones or not for those, eitherway this is for 08 and up.


The screw i circled is where i drilled a hole for one and mounted the passive crossover for my speaker set actually and bolted it in place, tucked away nice and discreet.


As you can see the new tweeters are quite large and wouldn't fit in the factory spot without a lot of trimming and i didn't wanna do that without having an extra set of panels incase it went south so i opted to use the factory tweeters until i get another set from the junkyard next time i go, i need a new window swtich for a rear door anyway.

Just soldered my wire to the factory tweeter for now, they work so it'll do for now. I'd also like to note that all connections i have throughout are soldered, i don't use crimps of any kind, i kind of despise them, so i use solder and heatshrink for the radio, and then solder and tessa tape for other stuff.

And here's the tools i used for it all, minus my router and nail gun i used for the wood board in the back since they were in the shed.

Everything sounds great, one of my rears is broken i think and coincidentally the rca for the is messed up too so I'll be working in getting replacements for them soon, should be under warranty still so fingers crossed. I unfortunately also have to have an extended remote wire jurryrigged up to me in the front to disconnect the amp before the car turns off so there's no popping, this radio seems to wanna kill my amps so I'm gonna look into a device i saw a while back that you can use to stop the turn on or turn off pop.
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