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So I've read many of the other install threads but as with every car I've had, they're never good enough for me, I'm picky and like to over engineer stuff and make it super clean. I went to Installer Institute in Daytona Fl so I have very good knowledge under my belt as well so here's what i did recently.

Cut out a piece of half inch to replace the foam storage thing to mount my amp.

Took out the factory ipod thing in the console and shaped a piece of abs to squeeze in there for the bass knob.

Gonna make a second plastic piece to go over that one to hide the nut and only have the knob visible to go along with keeping stuff clean looking and factory-like.

UPDATE - I made the second piece of plastic to cover the nut, looks much cleaner. Scraped the plastic but it'll work.

Running the 2/0 welding wire, which is 0 gauge audio wire size was a pain for sure. No clean spots to get it from the engine to the cab so i went behind the driver wheel well and there is a hole but it doesn't go driectly to the interior rocker panel, it has to go to the side through another hole so i had to use a hole saw to get it through, no fun but worked perfectly. I use southwire 2/0 royale excellene wire and the 4 gauge as well from wireandsupply, super flexi, ofc copper, best price for sure as well.

And yes, i protected the wire from the raw metal edge, not trying to short that wire out lol

Haven't put the speakers in yet, adapters are coming, but I've had the speaker's since my last car. I used CDT and they're phenomenal. I had got a bundle with the component set and coaxial set in 1 deal but couldn't find that option so i listed both seperately. I used the 2 ohm versions too, gotta get the most out of our amps :)

Had to fix the rats nest the radio the car came with had the day i got it and put my nicer, one in.

I'll have to add another thread to add more attachments. Hopefully this gives at least 1 person some useful information.
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