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Hey Guys,

I just got a 2008 Scion XB, and in an attempt to be cool as f*ck decided to install some LED strips in the footwells. So I tapped the brake light circuit with an add a circuit as it is the only readily accessible circuit that activates with the running lights.

The illuminated footwells loo work great! However I seem to have burned out the backlight circuit for the HVAC controls and radio.

- I do know from doing some research that the backlight circuit is associated with the GREEN wire in the dash harness.
- This circuit is associated with the brake light circuit which is not blown.
- My gauge cluster still lights up but the dimmer no longer works.*I attempted to bypass the dimmer but this did not solve the problem.
- Removing the ADD a circuit and led strips doesnt solve the issue
- Every other component and light in the entire car works flawlessly

I have read a lot of threads about owners of Xbs and Tcs that have experienced the same problem after installing aftermarket radios.

Does anyone know where the weak point is in the console backlights so I could replace it or bypass it and remedy this situation? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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