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When last I posted, I was despairing about the failure of the aftermarket air suspension on the 2006 xB I bought used. That ended up being solved by my throwing $600 into a car I'd had for three weeks. But moving on.

Well, the weather got cool a few weeks ago, so I turned on the heat. No heat. (No air this summer either, but that's way down the list of priorities. I live in Ohio; a car with no heat is undrivable. At the very least I have to be able to defog the windows.)

Now, I'd never had heat fail in a car, and I've driven some ancient rustbuckets before. It's not a complicated system; the engine generates heat, fans blow that heat into the passenger cabin. This car, it managed to fail.

How? Well, symptoms: dials turn fine, blower comes on, blows fine. Air is only lukewarm. Topped off antifreeze. My horn and the cigarette lighter outlet have never worked either; I wondered about fuses, but no related ones were blown. I took off the center panel of the dash and found some mysterious cut wires. They were likely cut by the same moron who put in the air suspension, because he had put in an aftermarket stereo as well. But nothing attached to HVAC seemed cut. The control cable was off the heater dial; I reattached it, and now the dial won't turn or will turn only with great resistance.

So: actuator, right? Seized up?

The actuator doesn't look like an expensive part, but I'm a terrible mechanic. And it's clearly pretty deep in the center panel, I think. But I might have to chance it. If the car is this enormous of a lemon I genuinely won't be able to afford the mechanic visits; I make okay money, but I'm not wealthy, and I bought this car as an attempt to economize after having been in something more upscale for a few years. (Ha.)

If anyone wants to give me a pep talk along the lines of the actuator being a really easy fix, go for it. Or if there's something else I should check that I haven't thought of. I poked around using the search function but didn't find anyone else with my exact symptoms; let me know if I missed something, of course.

Or, if someone wants to "steal" the car and jam it in a river or something, try to get in touch with me privately. I have pretty good car insurance and I'm starting to think it's the only thing that'll keep this car from pushing me into Chapter 11.
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