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2006 Scion Xb Update

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It's been a bit since I've posted about my xb so I thought I'd share this picture that was taken this morning :)
Yesterday I used Chemical Guys VRP after cleaning the interior of my car and it looks really good! It gave all the black trim a nice shine.
I plan on getting some aftermarket headlights sometime soon, does anyone have any suggestions?
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Browse through the site section titled Members Rides for some ideas of what is available. There are aftermarket supplier headlamps, and custom-made headlamps offered by members here. Many have projectors with High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs and/or Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. Read reviews with any headlamp you consider in order to make the best investment. These can be as cheap as $200 and as high $1,600 or more.
Thank you! I'll check it out :)
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