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Unfortunately its that time to get rid of my beloved box.. It is manual, with 135,XXX on it. The engine was replaced about 25K ago due to some 'mechanic' accidentally cutting a hole in the coolant hose. The current engine has around 75k. Always maintained and taken care of. Car is mostly stock right now,(outside of summer rims, tail lights, and roof rack.) but I have a lot of after market parts to go with her. Small ding on the front left driver side near the headlight barely noticeable, will take a close up soon. Pretty good shape for upstate new york. currently inspected.. Only problem is the vsc, trac control, check engine trigger every now and then, but doesn't affect the car. Just changed the battery to see if that had some issue with it. One other thing is the e-brake light is on very faintly not sure why, someone told me faulty wire, it flickers on and off every now and then.

Just want to be up front with everyone considering I don't live in the most ideal location. Don't want anyone to waste their time.

Things that aren't on the car currently, Factory wheels with hubcaps, they currently have winter tires on them. factory tail lights, after market head lights. Billet Grill, custom painted interior pieces (almost every plastic piece that can be painted) There are some other things too I just cannot remember currently.

If you have any questions please reply below or PM me I will do my best to get more/better pictures of the car and upload them in a timely fashion.



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