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That's what I was thinking...
that would be the obvious or something electrical.

as a old time car guy .. here is my 2 cents or less
one thing I always do in no matter
whatever daily junker pos I …..
I keep a extra dedicated wrench the size of the battery cable
in my console or ashtray ALWAYS.
back in the day
I owned a 59 Corvette and I had a fire erupt
in the dash as I was driving it
wires were melting into the carpet
I pulled over, flipped open the hood like a madman and
I disconnected the battery and threw it on the ground
and it stopped feeding the fire and saved the car.
I did have to replace every wire in the car
the dash harness was one glob and a bunch of bare wire

back then it was just dumb luck it was in there
if I didn't have that wrench in the ashtray

it would of ended up just like what happened above
lesson learned
I never leave home without it.. !

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I don't want to hyjack this guys fire thread this bad talking about my junk . lol
I will save it for another thread, I do have a old pic of it somewhere.

just seeing those pics he posted, made me think back to what could of happened to me
and what someone can do to prevent it.
a wrench in the daily
a wrench and a Halon extinguisher in the classic
I've seen a few nice things cook to the ground over the years
that is a bad day right there
I feel for the guy
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