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that would be the obvious or something electrical.

as a old time car guy .. here is my 2 cents or less
one thing I always do in no matter
whatever daily junker pos I 鈥..
I keep a extra dedicated wrench the size of the battery cable
in my console or ashtray ALWAYS.
back in the day
I owned a 59 Corvette and I had a fire erupt
in the dash as I was driving it
wires were melting into the carpet
I pulled over, flipped open the hood like a madman and
I disconnected the battery and threw it on the ground
and it stopped feeding the fire and saved the car.
I did have to replace every wire in the car
the dash harness was one glob and a bunch of bare wire

if I didn't have that wrench in the ashtray
it would of ended up just like what happened above
lesson learned
I never leave home without it.. !
That's why I prefer to leave things stock. I'm too old for boom boxes and TV screens and all that stuff. Not to say that was the reason, I'm just saying. And that 59 vette must have been sweet!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts