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  1. Scion xB Suspension & Chasis Modification
    I bought a 2008 xB a few months ago from a dealership. The carfax showed left rear damage, but it looked like it was repaired right and it was a decent price. At the time, I noticed that the rear tires had just been replace; but didn't think much of it. Well recently it started hopping in the...
  2. Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    hello im getting new tires for my 19s ( hopefully) and i was wondering if any of you had any recomendations or links where i could get cheap tires. thanks
  3. Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    Hello (I am fairly new to the forum and the xB scene as a whole btw). I am planning on getting wheels and tires and then the Raceland Scion xB 2nd gen coilovers after. I found these wheels for cheap ( 19x8 Rota Quake - Hyper Silver(5X114.3/e48/73) - Professional wheel dealer. )...
  4. Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    I've still got stock wheels on my 1st gen xB and I'm about to purchase new wheels and tires. I feel well-informed on my wheel options, but I'm clueless on what my tire options are. I'm looking for low-profile options, and I'm not trying to break the bank. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help!
  5. Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I kinda want to go camber but i am worried about tire wear. I am a college student so i dont really have the money to "test and see" with a set of tires. Currently: Im running my 15x7 xxr 510's with +38 offset with a 20mm spacer in the back. with about a 1.75" drop Prospectively: I want to...
  6. Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    allright i just got a 2006 xb its dark blue, i put some konig 16's on it i cant remeber the tire size but they are nearly rubber bands lol, im running stock height and intend to at this point as i do live in ohio where the winter suck. right now i got wheel well gap from H3ll and it looks...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Just bought dminner's envy green 06 xb. #22 out of 2200. Looking for new wheels...anyone?
  8. Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Ok. So I have rear suspension problems. First off, I'm dropped with df210s monroes 5870 shocks. Even before I lowered the car, the alignment was off both in camber and in toe. Left side more than the right side. Swing arm was replaced and during installation, we saw that the damage was not in...
1-8 of 14 Results