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  1. Custom trunk Cubby subwoofer enclosure

    1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    Hey, I'm looking at making my own sub enclosure for the trunk space of my 2006 xB. I was just curious if anyone else has done this and had any tips concerning problems they had while making theirs. If anyone has the dimensions of what they used that would be greatly appreciated :) Here's an...
  2. Install Subwoofer and new speaker advice

    Scion xB Audio, Video, & Security
    Hello fellow scions! i recently bought a 2006 Scion XB and i am not to impressed with the soundsystem. i was wondering if anybody knew a type/size of speaker that could be replaced without tampering with the stock head unit? just cut wires and reinstall better speakers in the dash and doors...
  3. Need affordable Recomendation for Subs

    Scion xB Audio, Video, & Security
    Hello sorry if this is the incorrect place to post but i have been looking at this Sound Ordnance B-8p, From Crutchfield, Based on the reviews and a few videos ive watched of people using this it seems to be very good value i am just...
  4. Subwoofer: Lower Surface Area or More Power

    Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I pose this dilemma: I have a huge ported box for 2 cheapo 10" subwoofers. I want my trunk back. I want to go with a square sub from Kicker, cause I like the increased surface area (plus it matches my xB shape) However, my dilemma between a 15" sub with 500RMS, 4ohm and...
  5. An Advanced Idiot Guide on Audio

    Scion xB Audio, Video, & Security
    Howdy all, its been a while. I want to give my box a little auditory love, but realized I have a very limited scope of knowledge of audio systems. I've compiled here, what I know, and I was hoping someone with experience would help me fill in the gaps so I can know all I need to know about...