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  1. Scion xB Suspension
    Hey everyone. I have a 2012 xB. I'm going to drop it about 1.5". While doing so, I figured I'd replace the struts n shocks at same time(it needs it). I've always been partial to KYB, but I am open to other suggestions as to good brands that work well for the car and lowering. So, that being...
  2. General Scion xB Discussion
    Oil catch can because of the gas intake system. Is this necessary and has anyone else done it? I want to pull a small trailer every now and again. Has anyone added an oil cooler? Finally. My wife is partially paralysed and want to adapt front seat so it moves around and maybe even dips slightly...
  3. For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    2005 xB Suspension Bits & Bobs HAVE BEEN SOLD ! Thank you! Thank you everyone for reading the ad. Sorry if I missed your email. Being old has it's days where you miss stuff. Like your pants, but I digress.... The items were sold. Thank you.
  4. Scion xB Exterior Modification
    I have a Seibon carbon fiber hood now and on my steel hood I had gas struts to keep it open, mostly for looks but also for accessibility since the prop gets in my way a bit. But upon the switch to CF, I found that having even one of the struts on was too powerful. I'm afraid of running into the...
1-4 of 5 Results