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  1. Gold steelies?

    1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    There probably is a thread on this, but never really seen them on the xBs/bBs. Trying to get the money up to get some but there’s so many types of steelies and I can’t pick which one looks the best. Also wondering about spiked lugs? Anyone got some they’d like to share?
  2. 2013 scion xb new owner

    Front Page Articles
    Hey everyone! I'm picking up my '13 xB hopefully Monday! clean!!👌 This is gonna be my very first Scion. I've always loved these cars !! She gonna be my daily and my show ! I have a few ideas in mind for her. But I wanna see some of ur mods and personalized toasters!! ♥😝
  3. One of a kind

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I was in a bad accident back in 2005 which broke my neck leaving me paralyzed from the neck down. I've had a few minivans but they're boring and get horrible gas mileage. So instead, I just bought this handicap accessible xB from Freedom Motors a couple of months ago. So far I've...
  4. I have one question

    Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    What is the max size wheel I can fit in the 2015 scion xb?
  5. Vibration when I lift my foot off the gas

    Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    Hi, I'm a girl and totally don't know what I'm doing at all. I just want to make the clear from the start. I just bought a 2005 Scion xB and of course, the day after I buy it it's starting to do this vibration when I let my foot off the gas. It seems like the vibration is in the dash, but since...
  6. Dark cherry xB - 2006

    New Member Introductions
    So I just bought my box 2 months ago. Last thursday someone hit my driver side door so its in the shop until friday, but I just joined club xB after months of lurking and looking for cool DIY's. Also, looking for people to cruise with who are as interested in these sweet little toasters as I am...
  7. Burning oil xb1

    Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    Hi guys, I'm new to the thread posting but I've been on here plenty of times for insight. What I still haven't been able to figure out is my oil situation. I drive an 04 xb and my car is constantly burning through my oil. I have no leaks for sure I've checked like a million times and plus I park...
  8. Scikotics KC

    Anyone in the KCK or KCMO areas, Scikotics KC meets 2nd saturday of every month (with some exceptions due to show schedules and winter weather) at Hendrick Toyota Scion off I-35 and 67th street in Merriam KS. All Scions are welcome to join us (but would def love some more xB love being the...
  9. Akatsuki.xB

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All! Nice forums you got here. Thanks for hosting this networking/social site. I have a 2005 BSP xB. I bought it new in Van Nuys and after i paid it off in 2009 i decided to start modding it due to the insane boredomz! I started looking for clubs and emailed a few of them. I lived in...
  10. XB 1st gen oem grill any color

    For Trade And Wanted: Scion xB Parts and Vehicles
    looking for the grill that goes between the headlights. using for a project so color is unimportant. the cheaper the better. - Ken
  11. Important! Please help me out everyone!

    Car Talk
    Hi guys - I am new to this forum and drive a 2005 Scion xA so I'd first like to introduce myself as Sal and now to why I need your help and support =) I drive a modified 2005 Scion xA. It is my baby, my show car. It is actually currently involved in a HUGE contest to possibly get into the SEMA...
  12. FS/Canada/18" Work Euroline DH

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    SOLD!!!! Up for sale is a set of Work Euroline DH wheels made in Japan. Not cheap knock offs. Wheel Specs 4x100/5x100 Bolt Pattern 2 Wheels 18" x 8" +20 offset 2 Wheels 18" x 7.5" +40 offset Asking $1000 These wheels are in decent shape but they do have some curb rash (see pictures) NOTE...
  13. Ok XB'ers, I need help picking some kicks

    Scion xB Wheels & Tires
    Car's in the shop, MOST likely getting the Fab kit, if not, then a new Lip kit. Well, she needs some new kicks, and I'd like to ask the gurus of club XB to help a brutha out! STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: 1. I'm on TRD Springs, not going lower right now. 2. These are all cheap rims. I'm WELL aware...
  14. Tinting 06 XB tails how to

    Scion xB Appearance
  15. What to do to a white 06?

    New Buyers
    I've been desperately searching for a xB where I live and I have had little luck. But I have found a white 06 in a reasonable distance from my homestead. It has great, clean interior. The only problem is how plain it looks on the outside. White is just so....bland! I'm trying to think of things...
  16. Hey everyone! New to site!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, another xB owner from Denver, Colorado. I've had my car for a few years now and have been customizing as much as I can since(I'll post some more recent pictures when I get the chance.) look forward to talking to people who enjoy the same car!
  17. New Scion Owner needs help w heat blower

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I have a used 2005 XB I bought it Sept 2011. Lately the heater would take forever to come on , after a few mins it would start up but today it didnt come on at all. No air, hot or cold blew out of the vents. Could this be something as simple as a fuse? Any help or advice would be greatly...
  18. hello everyone

    New Member Introductions
    Hello I'm Kevin and I'm hopeing to buy a series 3.0 this thursday then i would officially join your ranks, but i thought i would join early to see your guys thought on the car. things i noticed to monitors on headrest wondering if any one know were i can replace and estimate on cost. so i guess...
  19. KYB GR-2 Echo strut question

    Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I asked this within another thread. Would going from stock front struts to Echo KYB GR-2's struts result in a more comfortable ride or more sporty. I'm running Tein S-Tech springs with Monroe Echo shocks in the rear (which are too soft forf my liking). I like the idea of the 1/2 inch drop to...
  20. New England Meet.

    This is a tentative meet. Gauging some interest, at the suggestion of Stealthbox to see who's interested in getting a meet going. I'd say Mid-May if at all possible... Location will be determined based on suggestions/and who actually wants to go. We'll figure that out later... Anyways, add...