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  1. Clazzio Seat Covers - In Stock or Custom - All Patterns Available

    WE BEAT ALL COMPETITORS PRICES!! Message us if you find a better price. Fast shipping, customer support, and lowest possible prices. We are here to serve you! Some pics of the seat covers: 08 xB Black leather insert: TC, black with gray suede insert: TC, black with red leather insert...
  2. Storing the XB outside for all of December.

    General Scion xB Discussion
    Storing the XB outdoors for december. Hey guys! I'm going to be storing my 04 XB M/T out doors for pretty much the whole month of december, and I was wondering if there is anything special I need to do to care for it? Battery disconnect? or leave it? Fuel stabilizer?(If so any recommendations/...
  3. My "me time" is when I get to detail my Scion xB

    Front Page Articles
    There's just something about the process of detailing my Scion xB that makes me feel peaceful. I've never considered myself to be "OCD" or to have an obsessive personality, but washing my car is not something where a mediocre effort is acceptable. Which is probably why I absolutely refuse to let...
  4. Why my Scion xB is a perfect fit

    Front Page Articles
    They rolled their eyes. That was the most popular response whenever I mentioned my obsession with the Scion xB after it was first unveiled to the public back in 2003. My family, who is very practical-minded, just couldn’t understand what the appeal could possibly be. In their eyes, it was just a...
  5. Yakima difference

    New Buyers
    Bought me a 2011 scion xb I was thinking of buying a Yakima roof rack, But I checked the Yakima website and I see 4 different types of racks 1 is q tower and the other 3 whispbar Can someone let me know:)
  6. Is this xB worth the risk?

    New Buyers
    Hey, guys, I'll make a very long story very short. I have a daughter now and can't exactly call my Honda Del Sol a "family vehicle." So, I've been looking for something, used and like a xB at dealerships around my area. At a Toyota dealership, there is a 2005 Scion xB. It's pretty clean and...
  7. Debating the purchase of an 05 XB..Help Appreciated!

    New Buyers
    Hello all. I was looking for possible vehicles to buy, and I stumbled across an 05 XB. I've always liked the boxy look (but my almost-50 yr old parents really hate it, so it'll take some getting used to). First off, I live in northern New York, so this vehicle has seen lots of snow. I needed a...
  8. who owns this xb!!! philippines!

    1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    so im vacationing in the Philippines until the july 11, i was at Mall of Asia a few days ago, it was night time i saw a silver xb. had some rims. idk who it was, but maybe the owner may chime in lol. then today i was a Jollibee across the street from walter mart, aka CALTEX or something like...
  9. Completely flat fold down rear seats?

    Scion xB Interior
    Before you begin reading I must warn you, i am a newb, grom, donkey, whatever other name you might have for one with little experience.. I just bought my 06 gen 1 xb a few weeks back and use my it as the worlds littlest box van. I haul about 500lbs of audio equipment to gigs within the bay area...
  10. I just bought my scion xb 2011 last Thursday!

    New Buyers
    hey guys and gals, I just bought my new scion xb 2011 last thursday. I was thinking of modding it up with bbs rims with stretch tires on it. What do u guys think?
  11. Daaavey's xB - With new wheels!

    Members Rides
    Check out my stylin' new MB Twist wheels! I think this proves once and for all that you DON'T need to go up to 17s (or 18s) to make your xB stand out! Even though these are only 15s, I still think they look SWEET on my car(!), with the added benefit that I don't have to pay a premium for low...