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  1. Running but not moving...

    General Scion xB Discussion
    Just picked up a 2010 scion xb for 250.00 yeah you woukd think it was a complete waste but it looks great and starts right up. It actually sounds amazing as well. Down fall it does not go into gear.... Well it goes into gear in the shifter in the car but does not engage the trans i am assuming...
  2. 2013 scion xb new owner

    Front Page Articles
    Hey everyone! I'm picking up my '13 xB hopefully Monday! clean!!👌 This is gonna be my very first Scion. I've always loved these cars !! She gonna be my daily and my show ! I have a few ideas in mind for her. But I wanna see some of ur mods and personalized toasters!! ♥😝
  3. 4age 20v swapped Scion xB

    Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    Hello all I have a 2006.5 xb and blew the stock motor. Brought a 4age 20v silvertop and went from there had some threads to look at but ended have to figure a lot of stuff out myself. Here’s some photos that were taken through the process had to c notch the frame on both sides. I used stock xb...
  4. FS: 2012 Scion xB 86k, warranty, white

    For Sale: Scion XB Vehicles [Gen 1 & 2]
    2012 xB 86k 5-spd warranty $9100 2012 Scion xB - $0 deductible Toyota Platinum warranty to 125K/2020 White Exterior Black Cloth Interior 86,100 miles 2.4L 4-cyl. 5-speed standard transmission Platinum 125,000 mile / 8 yr warranty with $0 deductible per incident through Toyota North America...
  5. Big 3 upgrade help

    Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    I am going to upgrade the positve battery cable from the alternator and starter connections and all the grounds. I plan on using knukoncepts cable. The question I have is how much cable to buy. I dont want to end up short and have to buy more Thanks
  6. Greetings fellow xb/rumion owners!

    New Member Introductions
    ;) First time ever to sign up for a forum, found club xb and so far Im loving it. I'm excited to be to talk to ppl that own an xb because I know they will get me when I talk about an xb specific thing! haha and get help when Im stuck doing some DIY. So look forward 2 making new friends and...
  7. Problem with XB not running right

    1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    Hello I have an issue with my 2006 Scion XB A/T. It's usually is worse on colder days. When I start my car while it's been sitting for hours/over night, I cannot drive it past 40 mph and will max at 3k rpm. As long as the thermostat on the dash board is still blue(cold), the car will not work...
  8. 09 clutch

    Scion xB Performance & Tech Help
    ok I baught a 2009 XB with 79000 miles and iv had it about 2 months put another 3000 on it and I just cant help but feel like my clutch is ****ED up it grinds, sucks at down shiting, and its sticky.... and this is my 3rd car thats a manual but my first toyota.. so I just want feedback
  9. 3 Piece Aftermarket Brand New Body Kit (Side Skirts/Back Lip)

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    2 Piece Aftermarket Brand New Body Kit (Side Skirts) I am also selling a 2 Piece Aftermarket kit that I never used. It is brand new as well. Primer White. Never been mounted or painted. The 2 piece combo includes side skirts. This item is only for local pick up out of Southern California. I am...
  10. Scion xB Aftermarket Back Bumper/Lip (Brand New)

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Hello All, Parting out some items from my 2004-2007 Scion xB. I am selling a Back Bumper that has never been mounted or used. It is flat black ready to be mounted and painted. It has never been painted. I am open to offers. If you would like to DM me. This item is only for local pick up out of...
  11. New Scion Owner ... Already broke front bumper.

    New Member Introductions
    I've owned my Scion Xb now for about 3 hours, and pulling out of my driveway i already broke the plastic piece that attaches the bumper to the fender. Anyone know of a quick and easy fix for this or do I need to cry? It's purple and my dogs love it.
  12. Buying an XB this weekend

    New Buyers
    So this weekend I am wanting to purchase a new 2012 Scion XB. The ticket price is $19,330 but the general manager has offered me $1500 off which would be $17,930 since they have had two of them on the lot for so long. The general manager even gave me the car for 24hours to drive. Which was...
  13. Upgraded my garage

    Car Talk
    My garage was originally just frames and weird divisions made by the previous owner. I put the drywall up and the garage floors from Costco. Put new lightings in... painted the walls and made the garage doors into more like a accordion like vertical folding door (painted inside door with...
  14. How Long do xB Engines last? (Gen 1)

    New Buyers
    Hey everyone, I am in the market right now for a 2004-2007 xB. I've been looking around and wanted to get feedback from current Scion xB owners. My question is how long do Gen 1 xB engines (GENERALLY) run for? Have any of you come across any big problems once you hit a certain mileage point...
  15. FRS Release Party July 4th NYC

    New Buyers
    All you can EAT & DRINK open bar event! Come watch the Fireworks on our Rooftop party. We will be raffling off a New Scion XB Special Edition. All proceeds will go to the LUSTGARTEN Foundation. Tickets preordered are $75pp and $100 at the door..
  16. Gen 1: Center Dash Handles

    Scion xB Interior You are fully responsible and risk all liability. Use Safety first and use proper tools CLUBxB, Site Owners, Staffs, Administrators, Moderators, Contributing Members are NOT liable for any damages or losses...
  17. Clazzio Seat Covers - In Stock or Custom - All Patterns Available

    WE BEAT ALL COMPETITORS PRICES!! Message us if you find a better price. Fast shipping, customer support, and lowest possible prices. We are here to serve you! Some pics of the seat covers: 08 xB Black leather insert: TC, black with gray suede insert: TC, black with red leather insert...
  18. Storing the XB outside for all of December.

    General Scion xB Discussion
    Storing the XB outdoors for december. Hey guys! I'm going to be storing my 04 XB M/T out doors for pretty much the whole month of december, and I was wondering if there is anything special I need to do to care for it? Battery disconnect? or leave it? Fuel stabilizer?(If so any recommendations/...
  19. My "me time" is when I get to detail my Scion xB

    Front Page Articles
    There's just something about the process of detailing my Scion xB that makes me feel peaceful. I've never considered myself to be "OCD" or to have an obsessive personality, but washing my car is not something where a mediocre effort is acceptable. Which is probably why I absolutely refuse to let...
  20. Why my Scion xB is a perfect fit

    Front Page Articles
    They rolled their eyes. That was the most popular response whenever I mentioned my obsession with the Scion xB after it was first unveiled to the public back in 2003. My family, who is very practical-minded, just couldn’t understand what the appeal could possibly be. In their eyes, it was just a...