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  1. Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    Bought my beautiful 2005 Polar White xB a couple of weeks ago. It is sluggish on acceleration and is generally loud. I've had an xB before, though, so I know this is par for the course. On our 2004 xB we had a few years ago, we took it to a guy who fixed a leak in the hose. I figured it was...
  2. Scion xB Performance & Tech Help
    I have a 2009 XB. It now has about 75000 miles on it and I am the only owner. It is making a very loud noise from what sounds like the engine compartment and I cant figure out what it is. It is a very loud rattling that is loudest when I'm idling in drive. The noise quiets down when put into...
  3. 1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    So I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's car makes some weird noises from time to time. Anywho, I've been having this issue for awhile, and since I recently removed my coilovers and the noise is still present, I thought I'd see what you guys can come up with. My right front makes a sort of...
  4. Scion xB Performance & Tech Help
    Hey everyone, I just put 1,000 miles on my 2011 xB and at around 800 miles I began getting this really annoying creaking all around the windshield. Its not interior parts rattling, its legit creaking, like an old rusty door on a haunted house creaking. It happens over small-mid size road bumps...
1-4 of 5 Results