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  1. New Buyers
    Members, I would appreciate some opinions about a dilemma I'm faced with. I love stick-shifts and hear this car is so much fun to drive with a manual. I've been looking for manual and they usually have 90-120k miles for roughly $5k. No problem, right? Well, I have an opportunity to purchase an...
  2. New Buyers
    Looking at picking up my first xB tomorrow. I've had my eye on this one for a bit, so I've been looking around to see any in the wild. I haven't seen a single one. I live in the northeast, were less sold here? Do they not hold up well? Is there anything I should look out for/check on the...
  3. New Buyers
    So I've been on the hunt for an xb, I was looking for an 06 polar white automatic with a clean title. Automatic only because this xb is going to be used primarily for work, long distance driving and I want to be comfortable, 4+ hours a day in Southern California Los Angeles and Orange County...
1-3 of 5 Results