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  1. 1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    Hi there. I've just bought a 2005 Toyota BB first gen. I wanna buy some rims for it. When I google I see alot of them on 15x8. So I'm wondering. Would that size be ideal? So it fills the guards? It's totally factory I just wana lower it & buy some rims so it looks pretty. So I was thinking . ...
  2. Scion xB Suspension & Chasis Modification
    Hello Everyone, Just installed my new springs over the weekend and will be getting the wheels aligned once the springs settle a bit. After the install i noticed that my steering wheel is off center when the car is tracking straight. The steering wheel tilts slightly to the right (maybe by 1-2...
  3. For Trade And Wanted: Scion xB Parts and Vehicles
    Yup, can't stand my wheel gap anymore. Im located in staten island 10312 looking for Spy / D2 springs or Raceland coils (whatever gets me low lol) no need to PM, simply reply. :D
  4. Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    hi, everybody. im lowering my xb soon. and im looking into getting the front camber bolt(looking at Ingalls camber bolt 35420), so i can install it since im already goona be down there. my question is i know it adjusts up to +/- 1 degree by replacing the top bolt, but if i do the alignment after...
1-4 of 4 Results