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  1. Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    Hey guys, looking into some fixes for my heated leather seats as winter is coming upon us. I have a ground wire under the drivers seat not attached to anything, I've temporarily stuck it into a hole to see if that was the issue no luck, still not sure if that actually goes to the seats or not? I...
  2. Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    Hello all. I am having some issues with my 2006 Scion Xb. During Start up my does not turn and I here a clicking noise coming from the dash; the lights also flicker. I believe it is a simple problem to fix, but I am not the best diagnostician. I have been looking through forums and can't seems...
  3. 1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    Hello I have an issue with my 2006 Scion XB A/T. It's usually is worse on colder days. When I start my car while it's been sitting for hours/over night, I cannot drive it past 40 mph and will max at 3k rpm. As long as the thermostat on the dash board is still blue(cold), the car will not work...
1-3 of 3 Results