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    I got my first Scion in 2011, a white 2008 xB. It had a couple mods but it was mostly stock. Learned to drive manual for that car and the rest was history. Started customizing it but didnt get as far as I wanted due to an accident that totalled by baby :( Ended up stuck with a 2012 Ford Focus...
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    Heya xB brothers and sisters! My name is Jake. I love making music, collecting Hot Wheels, hanging out, playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, and driving around in my xB. I am a student and dont have much cash to put in my 05 xB. It was my 16th birthday gift. I found it for sale in front of a small...
  3. New Scion Fan, Loving it

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    Hey fellow XB'rs. I live in the Beaumont area of Texas and I recently purchased a used 06' Scion XB Black Sand Pearl. This is my first Scion to own, but I've been a fan since '05. I am not really a mechanically gifted person. I know very little about proper terminology and maintenance, but I...
  4. New Xb owner in cypress ca

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    Whats up everyone ... just picked up my brand new 2004 xb 73k miles camo.... previous owner had some things done to it already so im glad but sad at the same time because it means i don"t get to take the pride in saying i did those things to it ... the mods are front and rear sway bars, exhaust...