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  1. 1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    I just got a 2005 xb. Clearly I'm a few years behind everyone! But I love my xb the only thing I don't like is the hood! Does anyone have any amazing ideas to help me make it better....TIA if anyone responds I appreciate it a lot😄😁
  2. Scion xB Exterior
    Have been looking online everywhere and i cannot find it.currently thinking about painting my box but i would love this hood before painting.any one have a link?
  3. General Scion xB Discussion
    Greetings! My 2009 xB (release series) is in great shape. However, I've recently noticed that when driving on the highway the hood wobbles up and down, sort of in a bowing motion. I know that the hood is latched, but when I pull up on it I am able to move it about an inch. I never noticed this...
  4. For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Have a Oem hood sitting around its in perfect condition. I just have a CF hood now and I dont need this one. 100 obo
  5. Scion xB Exterior Modification
    Long story short, I hit a deer and only managed to dent and scratch my hood. I now have the DV Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood and the OEM steel one collecting dust in my garage. I want to keep it for winters in Colorado so I don't snow up my engine bay, but I don't want to pay to paint it when I...
  6. Scion xB Exterior Modification
    I have a Seibon carbon fiber hood now and on my steel hood I had gas struts to keep it open, mostly for looks but also for accessibility since the prop gets in my way a bit. But upon the switch to CF, I found that having even one of the struts on was too powerful. I'm afraid of running into the...
1-6 of 6 Results