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  1. Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    My scion has aftermarket headlights and uses h6 headlights. My passenger light went out so I decided to swap to a 6k instead of my useless blues. Recently my drivers went out and my high beam light on my dash is on even when the lights are not on high beam, but does not show up on running lights...
  2. Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    Boring Version Are the stock 2nd gen fog lights projector or reflector type housings? Will an HID kit in them be "focused" or "problematic"? Fun Version I conquered my gas flap with plastidip, and now I'm ready to take over my fog light situation on my 2009 xB. The situation? I have none...
  3. Vendors
    We are starting our "HID Friday" Sale Early! We are taking 15% off ALL HID Kits and LED Bulbs off on our online store at HIDGuy.Net. Use coupon code SURPRISE when you check out. 1 coupon per transaction and cannot be combined with additional coupons.
  4. Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    Hey everyone! Time to finally upgrade my stock headlights, looking to get a new set of halo headlights for my 2005 XB, and a good HID (hi & low) kit as well, there's allot to choose from, would appreciate some direction on what to buy and what to stay away from....any info is helpful! Thanks!
  5. New Buyers
    Hey i just bought a new 2012 XB and wanted to change out the bulbs for HID ones does anyone know the bulb sizes for the DRL, headlight, and fogs. Thank you
  6. Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    Hey guys, I had a couple questions. I'm thinking about switching to an HID headlight set up. I'm looking for a reliable kit for high/low beams. this is what I have in mind so far. Kit doesn't...
  7. Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    I drive an 06 scion xb, stock for the most part. i don't have fogs, and i was going to invest in fogs and HID's while i'm at it. but i heard that HID's would melt my housings in my fogs and my headlights, and possibly my bumper. do you guys have any experience with this? any help would be much...
1-7 of 7 Results