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  1. Interior Fuse box Diagram

    Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    I have a 2008 XB and I am trying to replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter. My fuse box cover is MIA so i was wondering if I could have some help. Does anyone know what # the Cig lighter is? Or can someone send me a picture of their 08 Interior fuse box diagram. I couldn't find the diagram...
  2. Engine accelerating on its own

    Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    In the past two weeks I've had the same problem happen with my car, the gas pedal starts pushes down to the floor on it's own and the engine accelerates with it. I drive a manual so all I did was hit the clutch and put it in neutral and after about 10 seconds the gas pedal released and...
  3. Help please Clutch Replacement

    New Member Introductions
    I apologize if this thread is posted in the wrong section or if I am violating anything in the tos with this post I am new here. I have read a few things on here via search, but I wasn't quite able to find something that addresses my question enough. First off I will introduce myself as I am...
  4. An Advanced Idiot Guide on Audio

    Scion xB Audio, Video, & Security
    Howdy all, its been a while. I want to give my box a little auditory love, but realized I have a very limited scope of knowledge of audio systems. I've compiled here, what I know, and I was hoping someone with experience would help me fill in the gaps so I can know all I need to know about...
  5. How Long do xB Engines last? (Gen 1)

    New Buyers
    Hey everyone, I am in the market right now for a 2004-2007 xB. I've been looking around and wanted to get feedback from current Scion xB owners. My question is how long do Gen 1 xB engines (GENERALLY) run for? Have any of you come across any big problems once you hit a certain mileage point...
  6. Caster Problem- I Need Advice

    Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    A few weeks ago I put new tires on my B. I quickly noticed that my car had begun pulling really hard to the right. So today I brought it in for an alignment at a local Pep Boys. They were able to get almost everything aligned but they said the my caster was terribly out of whack. The tech said...
  7. Help me please. Newb female just bought my first xb - 2005 - Release Series???

    New Buyers
    Hello all. I'm totally new to all of this so bear with me. I seriously need help because I am totally confused. I bought an xb from an individual and the only thing I didn't look at beforehand was the carfax. It looked good, drove perfect. The guy was upfront with me about the title being...