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  1. Gen1 xb head lights/tail lights

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    F/S Set of Gen1 xB tail lights and set of Gen1 xB head lights. Perfect condition, no fogging, leaks, or broken tabs. Asking $80 for set, OBO. Willing to ship (I am located in Oregon). Feel free to message with questions.**Im motivated to sell, feel free to shoot over offers... I need to clear...
  2. Front Strut Bar Advice Wanted

    Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Looks like I'm in the market for a strut bar for my Gen1 box. I just ordered new KYB struts and strut mounts- should be here in a couple of days. Does anybody have any experiences good or bad with particular strut bars, and especially any issues with them playing nice with the KYB parts? I'm...
  3. FS 04-06 Scion xB Headlights

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Hello, I am selling a pair of headlights for the first generation xB. I have installed projector headlights on my xB and no longer need these headlights. They are in good condition. The right side has some condensation but that can be removed. I am looking to sell the pair for $100 or...
  4. Scion xB Aftermarket Back Bumper/Lip (Brand New)

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Hello All, Parting out some items from my 2004-2007 Scion xB. I am selling a Back Bumper that has never been mounted or used. It is flat black ready to be mounted and painted. It has never been painted. I am open to offers. If you would like to DM me. This item is only for local pick up out of...
  5. 04-06 Polar White Front Lip & Bumper (NCP31)

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    04-06 Polar White Front Lip & Bumper (SOLD) Selling my Bumper & Lip off my 2006 Polar White Scion xB. The color is Polar white. It is in good condition with normal wear. Light Scratches, No dents, No Cracks. I had it on my Scion for two years (2006-2008) and ran a full body kit after 2008. This...
  6. TEIN Super Street Coilover System (2004-2007 xB)

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Selling my TEIN Super Street Full Adjustable Coilover System for a Scion xB. (Gen 1: 2004-2007 xB) They are like new. Pictures are Proof. They were Only used for a short amount of time. Less than 5 thousand miles. Very easy to install. The brand is Tein. These are not tein basic adjustable...
  7. Cleaning Randoms Sale

    For Sale: Scion XB Parts, Accessories [Gen 1 ONLY]
    Got some stuff I need out of my garage. OE HU $20 + Shipping OBO Stainless plate frames $15 + Shipping for the pair OBO Pink fog bulbs. Bought from this site's vendor ''. They are the 'pure blue color' but light up pink IMO. Didn't love the color so I didn't run em...
  8. WTB: Front Fender Liners

    For Trade And Wanted: Scion xB Parts and Vehicles
    So an intake plus rain plus no fender liners equals no fun on the highway. Checked the yards already. I need both front fender liners. Looks like they're about $30 each online, new; but I figured someone has to have an old set laying around that they're not using. Really strapped for cash right...