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  1. Want to Buy DC Sport Strut Brace

    For Trade And Wanted: Scion xB Parts and Vehicles
    can’t seem to find any website that has them in stock or not a scam for gen1 xB. Anyone have a spare they are willing to part with? Been scammed once already. Hit me up, send me pics. Would love to get one for my xB
    $100 USD
  2. 2006 5-Spd

    New to me. 212k miles. Runs purrrrfect.
  3. For Sale: Scion XB Vehicles [Gen 1 & 2]
    Hi Guys, I was looking to sell my Scion XB 2004. It's been a great car, runs good, was my commuter car for the past 7 years or so. Has about 220-230k miles on it. General wear on the paint on the outside (worst is on driver's side with some lime scale and clear coat peeling ) with worst area of...
  4. For Sale: Scion XB Vehicles [Gen 1 & 2]
    Unfortunately its that time to get rid of my beloved box.. It is manual, with 135,XXX on it. The engine was replaced about 25K ago due to some 'mechanic' accidentally cutting a hole in the coolant hose. The current engine has around 75k. Always maintained and taken care of. Car is mostly stock...
1-4 of 4 Results