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  1. Hid 2012 xb

    New Buyers
    Hey i just bought a new 2012 XB and wanted to change out the bulbs for HID ones does anyone know the bulb sizes for the DRL, headlight, and fogs. Thank you
  2. 32gb ipod touch 4gen &..

    Classified Archive
    $250 for the ipod touch32gb 4th gen. $130 for the ipod nano 16gb 6th gen. will trade for car audio battery, component speakers, or amplifier with over 2k watts rms at 2ohms! I am also selling a 15 inch hifonics olympus suboofer thats blown just needs to be re conned, for only 50 bucks..i also...
  3. AC/DC Power Inverter

    Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    I found a good site that explains (in a nutshell) what this is about. Best Power Inverters - Power Inverter Reviews - Power Inverters for Cars However, since I am NOT technically inclined as far as electronic whatchamacallits, I still need a little bit/ better understanding on how they work...