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  1. New driver door wiring doesn't work.

    Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    2006 Xb door was damaged. Got replacement from similar model, put on, fits nicely. But I'm having problems with electricity from driver's main switch (4 windows, locks). Probably I've missed something important. Wires from switch start in white plastic harness, very difficult to remove on this...
  2. Door Locks

    Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all! New XB owner here. And i am glad i chose Scion for my new car. Okay, So as i am getting used to the car, over time i will find issues.But this one kind of befuddles me. The door locks, the automatic button doesn't work, it sounds like its working, but doesn't. When i manually lock my...
  3. Need advice on door lock Actuator

    Scion xB Lighting & Electrical
    So, I am somewhat new to this forum. I tend to browse every now and then, so bare with me a little! I have had recent difficulties with my Door locks, and through my own searching I have come to the conclusion that it is my actuator that is giving me problems. the driver side lock does not...
  4. Door Alignment Problem

    Scion xB Appearance
    Hey guys want to know the best way to realign my rear passenger door.The door is about 1/4 inch or more to high and I am getting a roof rack this week which will probably scrape or not clear the tower clip when I go to mount it.Am i opening up a can of worms trying to do this myself or can I get...