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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm Ed I'm have an 2006 xb 190,000 mi. My alt belt broke I read on your site about replacing the belt, but what about replacing pully's or tensioners ? Is that something I should think about?
  2. Scion xB Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i have a few questions regarding lowering springs for the 1st gen xb. right now im running oem everything shocks/springs and its sitting on 195/50/15 i was wondering what size lowering springs should i be looking to get? i dont want to rub or scrape everywhere i go its just that it has a giant...
  3. Scion xB Audio, Video, & Security
    As stated in the title, I'd like to tackle installing a remote start system myself. I'm a DIYer, but I have enough sense to research what I plan to tackle to ensure myself it's a possible task for me. I've done hours of research on first time installers and their experiences and how it went for...
  4. General Scion xB Discussion
    Hey Guys! I am wanting to upgrade my suspension (particularly my rear) to hold more weight. I use my Scion for my business (Maine Auto Search) and although my stock suspension is fairing well I would like to upgrade to a more substantial system so it can handle the extra weight I throw in every...
  5. Scion xB Appearance
    Hey Folks I recently was in an accident in my Xb and I need to replace my front Drivers Side fender. I was wondering if any of you had a tutorial on how to remove it or could offer me some advice or tips to do this. Thanks
  6. Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    Greetings fellow DIY'ers. The front door (both sides) power door locks on my 2010 XB recently failed. The bad news is the dealer wants about $400 per door for replacing the actuator assembly (about $320 for the part plus labor). The good news is I repaired both sides with the total cost being...
  7. Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    So I've gotten to a point in my life, and my build, that I no longer want to spend large amounts of money on car parts. (Hell even before now I've fabricated my own grill instead of buying an expensive FFF, and should probably write a post about that) But here I am, With an opportunity to do it...
  8. Scion xB Appearance
    The inside of the passenger front fender is bent in and is rubbing my tire everytime i take a left turn! Got bent in from a debri that fell out of a pickup truck. I was gonna pound it back into place but I'm worried and also curious will it get more damage if I used a hammer??
  9. Scion xB Performance & Tech Help
    Hello, I have recently run into a problem where my stick shift 2008 Scion xB's clutch is stuck in gear. :confused: What Happened: I was driving and when attempting to downshift into a lower gear, the car would not change out the the gear it was in "3rd" at the time, even though the clutch...
  10. Scion xB Interior
    Yo CxB, We all know the 1st gen Scion xB is severely lacking when it comes to usable and practical internal lighting. Our one dome light is not sufficient enough to light the front of the cabin thoroughly no matter how many LEDs you squish in there. Hence, map lights and overhead console...
  11. Vendors
    WE BEAT ALL COMPETITORS PRICES!! Message us if you find a better price. Fast shipping, customer support, and lowest possible prices. We are here to serve you! Some pics of the seat covers: 08 xB Black leather insert: TC, black with gray suede insert: TC, black with red leather insert...
  12. Scion xB Suspension
    Well I ordered my first suspension upgrade last week. Thanks to eBay I found a Megan Racing Strut Bar for 50 bucks brand new. Instructions from Megan Racing are well written but lack certain...
  13. Scion xB Engine, Tech, & Performance
    so i just bought a used 04 xB. when i was test driving i didnt catch a grinding noise coming from the transmission. my girlfriends dad drove it back and he didnt think anything of it. when we got it back into town i noticed it first thing. on a scale of 1 to 10 id say its a 3. it only makes...
1-13 of 13 Results