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  1. For Sale: Scion XB Vehicles [Gen 1 & 2]
    Unfortunately its that time to get rid of my beloved box.. It is manual, with 135,XXX on it. The engine was replaced about 25K ago due to some 'mechanic' accidentally cutting a hole in the coolant hose. The current engine has around 75k. Always maintained and taken care of. Car is mostly stock...
  2. Scion xB Lights & Electronics
    I just bought a black 2012 xB and I'm going to try and get her as blacked out/murdered as I can. I wanted to put smoked or blacked out taillights on her. I don't want to use the film and would rather use a replacement taillight. I can't seem to find any specific to my year that I like so I...
  3. Scion xB Exterior Modification
    Has anyone smoked/blacked out their mirror turn signal? I did an LED swap to white on one (the pins snapped off on the other one and I can't find a replacement anywhere) and I kinda wanna smoke em out so they'll look kinda stealthy when I paint my mirror housings black. Just a thought.
  4. Members Rides
    Check out my stylin' new MB Twist wheels! I think this proves once and for all that you DON'T need to go up to 17s (or 18s) to make your xB stand out! Even though these are only 15s, I still think they look SWEET on my car(!), with the added benefit that I don't have to pay a premium for low...
1-4 of 5 Results