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  1. Scion xB Engine
    K so my bf and I have been driving his moms xb off and on for the past 5 months while we fix our jeep. She takes it in to the dealership 4 every maintenance, and besides needing the front motor mount and socks and struts replaced its in extremely good shape. Completely stock if it matters. Now...
  2. General Scion xB Discussion
    Greetings! My 2009 xB (release series) is in great shape. However, I've recently noticed that when driving on the highway the hood wobbles up and down, sort of in a bowing motion. I know that the hood is latched, but when I pull up on it I am able to move it about an inch. I never noticed this...
  3. Scion xB Performance & Tech Help
    I have a 2009 XB. It now has about 75000 miles on it and I am the only owner. It is making a very loud noise from what sounds like the engine compartment and I cant figure out what it is. It is a very loud rattling that is loudest when I'm idling in drive. The noise quiets down when put into...
1-3 of 5 Results