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  1. Scion xB Exterior
    Hello everyone. I am new to the community and I wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can get a aftermarket front bumper lip for my 2004 Scion xb. ( cars lowered ) Thank you.
  2. 1st Gen: 2003 - 2007 Scion xB
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 2004 Scion xB and the AC is not operable. After a ton of digging around online and on these forums I figured I'd post about some of the issues I've encountered. So in a nutshell, the ac light comes on when pressed and the blend door adjusts between hot and...
  3. New Buyers
    Just picked up a 2004 in Hot Lava, #2,050 of 2,100, and it's a 5 speed! Anyone else in Tulsa?
1-3 of 5 Results