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Salsa Red
Purchased the death box back in December 2014, with 90,XXX miles, and became the second owner after $7,800. I'm a musician, and I've been driving old, ugly, gas guzzling vans my entire life (That's what happens when you decide to become a drummer.) After the caravan finally took its last breath after hitting two deer, I figured it was time to get myself something nice with better gas mileage, and something that could fit my monster drum-kit. I looked at the Subie WRX wagon, Legacy GT, and the XT Forester, but it was hard finding a manual, that wasn't abused with decent miles, and a reasonable price.

The xB obviously is in a different category compared to the previously mentioned, but it had everything I was looking for and it didn't hurt my wallet. I drove an hour and a half to test drive it after the dealer found out the box wasn't in their lot. Drove it back to the other dealer, and brought to their attention that it felt like the clutch was done. They checked it and indeed it need to be replaced. They sent it to Toyota and I got a free clutch, oil change, tire balance and rotation. Needless to say they went above and beyond and I was pleased.

Now, I'm a music nerd and I don't spend really much time watching t.v., video games, or say the least working on cars. It wasn't long after that I started checking out xB forums, Faceball pages, and anything/everything xb or Scion related. After seeing some of the mods you could do to these Scions, I started getting curious as to what the car scene in my area looked like. I came across NOVA Scikotics, which is a Virginia Scion club, and immediately got hooked in to the car scene. I attended a few meets and became good friends with a few well known Scikos, in the area and neighboring states and also realized Scikotics, was a nationwide club.

I'd never ever call myself a mechanic, but I've figured out the basics like oil/filter, air filter change, spark plugs, coolant flush, brake pads/drums etc. Doing so within reasonable intervals, they've lasted me longer than what some friends and family expected. I plan on treating the xB no different, if anything, I've kinda spoiled the xB. Soon after it didnt take long before I'd start slapping aftermarket parts.

I've learned a lot along the way by following install directions, advice from friends, family, xB enthusiast, not to mention this forum and DIY sections has helped me. The journey and the build of the DEATHBX, is far from over.

Love, Peace, & Motor Grease!
2006 Scion xBbB (Salsa Red)



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