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PapaJ 12-26-2016 09:45 AM

Anybody else have suspension bolts backing out?
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I don't know if this is due to over tightening, not tightening, or what, but the struts were replaced by the previous owner (at a supposed auto shop) in Kansas City, according to Carfax. That was at 101K miles, now it's about 154k. This bolt was found loose after I bought it, noticed severe tramlining, got an alignment at Firestone (burn that place down before I go there again) then finally went to Toyota. Well, it isn't tramlining, it's just that at the rear of the passenger A-arm, the bolt is not in! It's only hanging on by the front of the A-arm, and any little bump or groove in the road throws the car around like crazy. Firestone didn't see this when they aligned it, so I guess they DON'T inspect the entire suspension system when they put your car on the lift. Me and the service manager almost came to blow, and I had to be escorted out of there by the Security Forces.

They didn't cause it, but they should have caught it. Getting it fixed by Toyota tomorrow. Have to replace the front sub frame piece, the bolt, and align it again. Threads on bolt and in the sub frame are stripped out. Please be sure to thoroughly check out your used cars before you buy them. I did a cursory look in a parking lot, but pushing on the front of the car won't reveal this type of problem. I drove this almost 1600 miles on the highway like this. Lucky I'm alive I guess.

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