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Just add water: Free Style Blumenvase in my xB

Being a fan of the traditional Japanese art, I have always looked with interest at the different traditions of flower arrangement they use in their interiors. Commonly known as ikebana, it has many styles, schools, and rules that need to be followed to properly express the beauty of nature and bring that into the space we live in. Free Style is a contemporary and recently developed art and suits me best: do how you feel and use what you got. I have always liked the popular car accessory of the past - the bud vase or blumenvase, as it is called in the VW world (which is how i got familiar with it). So here is my attempt to apply both of the traditions to my own car:

The passenger side area above the glove box has a removable tray that I decided to use to hold the "vase." I made the mold and copied it to the piece of plastic:

One of the intake velocity stacks I had laying around looked suitable to hold the flowers in place so it has been bolted to the base:

This removable set-up drops into the tray that can even hold water to support life for some time:

The end result:

Now all I had to do was add water and some flowers to brighten the dash up.

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