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Re: Rear Camera/rearview mirror monitor install

Looks great. I thought about picking one up, but have others projects I want to finish first.

Originally Posted by Kazzak View Post
Now the problems.
1. The LCD monitor gets wavy lines thru the picture when the engine is running. Now I remember the good ole days when you needed resistor spark plugs to eliminate interferance with the AM radio. Does anyone know what is causeing these wavy lines on the monitor only when the engine is running. And the frequency of the lines increases with rpm's. Its not horrible, but it is annoying.
Do I need to shorten the ground wires or buy a power filter?
I would try running a different video cable. The one it comes with doesn't look to have any sheilding to speak of and is probably the problem. Video cables have to have a 75 ohm resistance which is acheived by having the center conductor a set distance from the shield. This is not possible with the style cable they have supplied with it.

Originally Posted by Kazzak View Post
3. I tried using it full time. Its great in the daylight. super wide angle and you can see cars alongside you all the way up to the bumper. Nighttime sucks, but its probably illegal to use it at night anyway
Probably true. Most states have laws on the books about having video displays visible to the driver when the car is in motion.

Originally Posted by Kazzak View Post
4. Maybe its due to looking thru the rear hatch glass, but the resolution is not very crisp..

The good. Wide angle, has a blue bar distance grid that shows distance and width. has adjustable display so you can use half the monitor as a regular rear veiw mirror and leave the other half on the camera.
Has an extra RCA line in for a game or DVD player.
Try running it in the half screen mode. The poor resolution is probably mostly due to the image being streched out to fit the display shape. Trying to change the shape of an image really messes with the clarity of it without some pretty good processors to compensate for it.
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