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Re: Anybody know who built this '04 RS 1.0?

Originally Posted by se-r_dad View Post
Man that thing has a sunroof!!!! What did you get that Box for?

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YUP!! When I saw that, coupled with everything else it had I knew I wasn't leaving without it. The way the headliner was molded to it, it looks like it was an option done at the factory.

What I paid for it? Shhhhhh, secret. *

*But not much different that what I paid for soon to be RIP Black Beauty.

RS 2.0 restoration project: Punched in the nose, RIP

Moving most of it's goodies to replacement RS 1.0.

Ultra-Gauge (more info), Dynamat entire floor pan and doors (less noise), Enkie RP02 Racing wheels (Lighter is better), K&N Typhoon (Vroom), DC Sport Exhaust (came stock), Hotchkis Front Strut and Rear Sway Bar (less sway), Headrest Speakers, (best mod ever), Escort ZR-4 (fair is fair), Cruise Control, Rear Camera, Tweeters & Sub-woofer, RS 2.0 leather seats

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